Deep Objects

THURSDAY 13TH OF JUNE 2024: Opening night

20:35-21:00: Aglaé Jarry Wilson (she/her) ; The Land Flavor Forgot explores the mass off-ground tomato farming in the Netherlands and the possibility of reconnecting with the taste of food in a performative tasting experience.

21:05-21:15: Frank D. van Beek (they/them) ; Tracing Ketamine residues, A girl

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Performative Voicing | Methodologies of Migration - A Workshop on Exchanging Perspectives by

Ishani Chatterjee  (IN)


Dear non EU/EEA Self-Employed Artists 

 ~ in their orientation year

 ~ about to begin their orientation year

 ~ who have successfully finished their orientation year,

I write this letter of love, of frustration, of struggle, of solidarity and of voicing today to invite you into my bubble of complaining, of releasing, of exchanging and of discovering collectively through this Performative Voicing Workshop. 

The workshop is free of charge but registration through Eventix is mandatory.