MOTUS SONUS: improvised sketches

Alesya Dobysh (RU)
Max Max Frimout (NL)

MOTUS SONUS: improvised sketches

In Motus Sonus Alesya and Max join forces for an interdisciplinary research on the musicality of the movement and physicality of the sound. 

Alesya Dobysh (Moscow, 1989) is a dancer and choreographer with a background in House Dance and Max Frimout (Nuenen, 1999) is a musician with a focus on generative and spatial composition. 
Based on their own fascination, they are developing a joint practice in which the exchange between movement, sound and technology becomes one process. 
Artists create a circular dialogue between movers and musician: a sound-generating process is controlled by physical movement and vice versa.

In De Fabriek Alesya, Max and two other dancers, Wennah Wilkers and Kaide Gonzalez, will present a series of improvised sketches based on the exploration of the acoustical quality of the physical space and its influence on an audio visual experience. This investigation will lead to fixed media pieces and a presentation in the format of the dance performance/concert, where audience will be guided by three dancers and one musician through various sound-structures.


MOTUS SONUS: improvised sketches

MOTUS SONUS: improvised sketches

dance performance / concert

movement: Alesya Dobysh, Kaide Gonzales and Wennah Wilker

sound: Max Frimout

time: 15:00 & 18:00